The future for agriculture!

The Task Force for Farming!

A Future for Agriculture!

Space Grade Development

All the components are developed applying space engineering requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

All the system control will learn with its own operation.

Space Data Science

The data used to help the farmers is coming from space missions.

Agroture is borning to make life easier for the small and medium-sized farmer, being him or her beginner or experienced. More information, more productivity, less effort.

Farming efforts in the righ amount!

All of our smart tools will be connected to the satellite constellation of the global navigation system (GNSS), commonly known as GPS. GNSS is the most accurate global position system in the world!

Through prescription maps and GNSS conectios our executor will:

  • Act at the right time, neither before nor after!
  • Sow in the right place;
  • Fertilize in the necessary amount;
  • Reduce chemical application to what is strictly necessary.;

The more our robots work, the more intelligent they will become. In the future, the farmer does not need to leave the office!

How awesome and sexy is agriculture?

We are going to take all actions so that robots not only reach large farmers, but also small farmers.

João Bento Correia, General Manager & Founder.